Importance of Psychology – Article – Sakhi Magazine

Importance of Psychology – Article in Sakhi Magazine monthly digest for June’2017, Issue No. 10 of 2017. Page No. 62.

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Sakhi Magazine Article Jun-2017 (Issue 10 of 2017)

Sakhi Magazine Article Jun-2017 (Issue 10 of 2017)



General Advisory to Girls and Women

Just wanted to share something very important shared  with me on WhatsApp today:

“…During training on prevention of sexual harassment at work place , trainer asked us” what should you check for when you sit in a hired cab?”. The answer to that is child lock.  The room was silent for a few seconds as no one had said that. The trainer went on to tell us that in the last 4 years all cases related to rape/ molestation in cabs/by cab drivers had one thing in common, The victims were in cars that had child lock on them. The trainer himself is a lawyer who has served on the advisory board for drafting the Vishakha guidelines and has represented victims.  

To my women friends on this group be aware of this the next time before you enter a cab check the child lock lever on d side of door or even better… *u dont open door from outside… instead ask the driver to open the door from inside and only then enter d cab…*  share it with others . 

Tell your female friends, colleagues, sisters, daughters, wife etc…..”

Kindly Share this with every female, whether sister, friend, mother, wife etc. Thanks in advance!

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